• Dany Goldraij

Why do you need and should update your old posts?

Updated: May 29

I can give you some reasons to do this.

1. First reason: It is fastest to correct a post than to write a new one.

2. Second reason: To provide a "good" quality of content, it means to provide updated information to your readers/customers.

3. Third reason: Add new photos or /and links to the article, which will give the article a new "look" or a fresh view.

4. SEO, Let see what are the professionals and Guru's saying about this issue:

4.1 Neil Patel said "is important because, in Google's algorithm, you're more likely to rank higher if more people click on your content from the search engine results page. So updating your content will make it more appealing, and that appeal will tell Google it's a better resource than should rank higher".

4.2 said "If you’ve been blogging for a year or more, you might feel like you’re running out of ideas. There are plenty of great posts in your archive, but you’ve covered so many good topics already. How to Republish Old Blog Posts – and Why You’ll Want to".

4.3 From, we can read the following " WHY YOU NEED TO UPDATE YOUR OLD BLOG POSTS (AND 4 TIPS TO GET YOU STARTED), " According to an Adobe study, 38% of users stop engaging with unattractive content. Imagine a reader landed on an old blog post of yours, and instead of being unimpressed and abandoning your website, they’d be met with updated content that accurately represents your expertise. Updating your old blog posts will breathe new life back into them. Not only will you be able to turn those posts into something you can be proud of today, but updating your old posts has a number of other benefits as well. By freshening up your content, you can boost your search engine optimization (SEO), increase your click-through rate, and possibly even see an increase in subscribers and customers.

5. It is clear to you WHY, so run to your blog an UPDATE YOUR POST!!!!


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