Tips on using Quora and Pinterest for business

Updated: Apr 14

Quora and Pinterest benefits

Quora is the Biggest Question & Answer or Q&A site on the web right now, where users come to post their questions and have them answered by the community. According to “ “ Quora has 300 million users monthly.

Google loves Quora so it’s highly recommended to become active on Quora.

How to get traffic from Quora?

What do you need to do:

  1. Create a Quora account. You are requested to choose your interested fields, select at least 10 topics so please select the topics that you have the knowledge, experience, education. Write a good profile with good credentials and a description

  2. Choose the question that you want to answer. Recommendation: Choose a question that has more follows so more people get the notification when you answer.

  3. Make a trustworthy brand of your profile. So people can trust you and you will be requested to answer more and more questions.. This will help to increase traffic.

  4. Give the answers that will attract people to read more from you. Try to use simple language, be direct, and be conversational to connect with users on a more emotional level. You can give a large or short answer with some important aspects. give users no reason to look for other answers. Put a link in the answer of your full detailed post so that people can go for that to get the full answer.

  5. If you see a question and if the short part of your blog post is able to give the short answer then, copy that part of a blog post and just copy and paste in an answer and in give the link below of your full blog post.

  6. The final step is to answer similar questions while providing the same link to your content. See below Tips for using Quora to build your business

  7. Users will go to your blog post from your Quora account.

  8. Quora not only allows text-based answers — but you may also include videos, images, quotes, and customized links to your content.

Tips for using Quora to build your business

Quora is the number one question answer resource so most people using this site for solving their queries. Also, experts come to share information and their knowledge so it will be useful for all people.

Quora allows you to link your webpage by answering a question, hence find your most useful and informative blog posts and use them wisely.

If your answers get noticed, you will mark a rapid change in your traffic. And not any kind, but high-quality traffic with people staying up to 5 minutes or longer and browsing through your content.

Take into consideration: Make sure you have a mobile-friendly website because a total of 35% of Quora traffic comes from mobile devices.


  • Google loves backlinks from Quora and other people love answers on Quora. however, the matter is, you only can’t exploit Quora by inserting your back-links in each answer. however the instant you begin promoting your product or services on Quora sharply, Quora can block your profile.

  • inbound marketing

  • Improve search engine ranks

  • Business trends and competition analysis

  • Content research

Why Marketers Should Use Quora?

Quora is a great way to find out what issues are puzzling your current and potential user base. Use this information to determine the direction of future content.


  • It’s possible to get addicted to Quora and lose valuable time. This in turn can lead to severe procrastination.

  • “Knowledge,” you thought was knowledge could be lies without research.

Benefits for businesses on Pinterest

Pinterest logo

It’s free!

Many businesses using Pinterest for marketing are making mistakes that can actually work against them.


  • SEO: Pinterest is a visual search engine which means there are lots of opportunities to optimize for the searches being conducted on Pinterest.

  • Poor content. You need CREATIVITY, a lot. Pins must be with rich content.

  • Profile, bad description, no keywords.

  • Pinterest boards: Pinterest board descriptions allow for a maximum of 500 characters.

  • Pinterest board descriptions, A must, insert your keywords.

  • Not using Hashtags #

  • Use keywords on your pin

  • PIN / Images with red color tones get shared the most. The researchers found that blue, green, black, yellow-green, and yellow all had negative effects when it came to getting shared. The absolute worst performers were black and white images.

  • Fonts: When using a script font, use lowercase letters, watch the spacing between each letter.

  • Add your URL to the pin: This is a basic step in branding your Pinterest pin images and owning that graphic. Pins get stolen all the time, and you’ll be happy your pin has your URL on it if it happens to you


My experience is that you cannot get 10,000 or 100,000 viewers/followers in a very short period, but if your content is good, with good quality and if you remain consistent in the quality of information you provide the Quora community and good quality of Pins, you’re well on your way there.

Instead of selling products, I give away my knowledge and advice

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