Panama Has a New President //Panamá tiene nuevo presidente

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Laurentino Cortizo, candidate of the alliance of the Democratic Revolutionary Party , the new president-elect of Panama, will have to assume the leadership of a country whose economy has been slowing down in recent years. reviews that "... Experts attribute the slowdown to a global situation that is replicated in the local scenario, where there are few investments in development and others that have already ended. "People don't have cash", "There is little circulation", are some of the phrases that are repeated in the street."

The new government will assume the mandate with a $25.9 billion debt, in addition to commitments and contracts pending the award of "turnkey" for $4.442 billion. These two amounts add up to more than $30 billion in debt, which divided among the 4 million inhabitants of Panama corresponds to a debt of more than 6 thousand dollars per person. It is one of the challenges for the new government, since to boost the economy new investments are needed, but they do not necessarily have to be developed with state funds, say experts. Some sectors of the economy are inclined towards public-private investments in which the business sector participates together with the government."

Panamá tiene nuevo presidente

Laurentino Cortizo, candidato de la alianza del Partido Revolucionario Democrático y Molirena y presidente electo de Panamá, deberá asumir las riendas de un país cuya economía ha venido desacelerándose en los últimos años.

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