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How do you update your blog content?

Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Probably you are blogging for a long time, I’m sure you want to write new ones, new topics but I quite sure that you have a lot of old content you are not so proud of!

You have a dilemma, what to do. Time to update them or write new?.

I will give you 4 reasons to update them:

  1. It’s faster to update an old post than write something new

  2. You’ll improve the quality of your blog more by upgrading an older post

  3. It’s easier to promote in social media because you’ll know just who to share it with

  4. You’ll rank higher in search because an older post may already have some authority.

Ways to update past blog posts:


  • ​Rewrite your title to signify freshness. The first thing you need to pay attention is to your title. It is the first thing that people see when they come across your webpage. Ask a question. ! I'm using

headline analyzer

Images - Photos

  • Update the images. Graphics should be included in a blog post. A single attractive graphic at the beginning of the article increases the chances of people reading your blog post. Take care to complete the alt tags appropriately.

  • You need to also replace your old featured image

seo content titles


  • Create a content upgrade for the post

  • Correct typos, grammar and improve readability

  • Update outdated information. recent keywords that are worthwhile targeting.

  • Add fresh perspective and information to your blog posts, and at the same time delete the outdated content.

  • Add a personal story or experience

  • Add interlinks to other, relevant posts on your blog. Get fresh links to your updated content

  • Add quotes from a credible source

  • Create or add a video on the post topic

  • Add more details. Adding in extra helpful information

  • Add internal links. Links are always a good way to improve your page authority.


  • Check for broken links. ADD LINKS TO OTHER RELEVANT CONTENT

  • Including links to other relevant content on your website, known as ‘internal links’ is hugely important for SEO


  • Republishing the blog post by changing the publication date. My recommendation Don’t include time-specific information

  • You can repurpose your blog content by converting it into slides, videos, podcasts, and infographics and properly sharing and promoting it.

  • Share your updated post on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other social media channels you have.

  • Answer FAQs in the post. Look at the comments, are there common questions?

What not to change:

Warning! Do not change the web address when updating posts

  • The topic

  • The URL

URL - don't change

SEO Masters articles on this subject:

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