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Doing Business 2020 (before Corona Virus)

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Doing Business provides objective measures of business regulations for local firms in 190 economies.

Main findings for Doing Business 2020 (before Corona Virus)

  • Doing Business 2020 continues to show a steady convergence between developing and developed economies, especially in the area of business incorporation. Since 2003/04, 178 economies have implemented 722 reforms captured by the starting a business indicator set, either reducing or eliminating barriers to entry.

  • Those economies that score well on Doing Business tend to benefit from higher levels of entrepreneurial activity and lower levels of corruption.

  • While economic reasons are the main drivers of reform, the advancement of neighboring economies provides an additional impetus for regulatory change.

doing business LATAM 2020 - best

doing business 2020 LATAM - worst

The Mexican economy is ranked 60 out of a total of 190 countries surveyed on aggregate in terms of ease of doing business.

Mexico has a more favorable regulatory environment for the creation and operation of a local company. The next Latin American country to appear in the list is Puerto Rico at position 65, followed by Colombia, and Peru in the 67th position in position 76. While in the last position is Venezuela, ranking 188.

México supera al resto de los países latinoamericanos en cuanto a la facilidad para hacer negocios, según el informe Doing Business, del Banco Mundial, de 2020.

La economía mexicana se encuentra en el puesto 60, de un total de 190 países examinados, en el cómputo global en cuanto a la facilidad para hacer negocios.

México tiene un entorno regulatorio más favorable para la creación y operación de una empresa local. El siguiente país latinoamericano en aparecer en la lista es Puerto Rico en la posición 65, seguido de Colombia, en la posición 67 y Perú, en la posición 76.



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