Marcos Barchilon - International Sales
Dany Goldraij - Business Development

Marcos Barchilon

Outlining penetration for new products and services for European and Latin American markets. Establishing subsidiaries, supervising high-level negotiations. Analytical capacity organizational and operational skills, excellent interpersonal communication and social interaction skills. and obtaining contracts with leading companies.  Vast experience for 15 years in International Management & Developing markets.



Dany Goldraij

Solid and professional international networking providing opportunities for a personal relationship with decision-makers who can shorten processes and save time and money. Years of experience in business consultants, entrepreneurship and international business development, especially in Central and South America.   

MDTECH7 specializes in consultation, entrepreneurship and international business development, especially in Spain & Latin America. The firm provides its clients with a service package that includes business development plan and services, marketing consultation and professional guidance by leading Israeli experts.

We guarantee our clients comprehensive and professional services to ensure all their needs are addressed.

What is Business Development, Business Consultant

Business Development works to produce long-term growth and profitability. Business development determines how much a business will grow, where that growth will come from, and what approach is needed to attain that growth.


The main activities are: 

  • Establish the business in new markets

  • Generate significant partnerships

  • Improve the current customer base. 


Successful business development involves a mix of negotiations, marketing, project management, sales, networking, and reviewing contracts. 

Business Development is a strategic look at a business with the primary question being “What will create greater value?” and sometimes, “What is the future?.

 Marcos Barchilon    +972 549290610
Dany Goldraij  +972 507435393

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