Business Consulting Services 

  • Our advice and designs will be future-ready

  • New tools, methodologies, and strategies for organizations to adopt neuroscience

  • Developments in neuroscience are showing us new ways to know how people experience the built environment

  • Business and consulting services

  • Start-up business consulting

Business Development, Strategic Guidance & eCommerce planning

  • Identifying and how to start a business in Latin America

  • Building strategic partnership  & business plan for small businesses & e-Commerce planning, online e-Commerce business plan 

  • Analyzing the competitive environment such as market trends, competition, marketing, and distribution methods

  • Conducting qualitative and quantitative research for new innovative products

  • Identifying small business opportunities

  • Providing new business ideas

  • We will help you with online business ideas

  • Online business to start

  • Leverage our e-commerce platform 

  • Providing online business consulting

  • Guidance for new business start-up ideas

  • Best new business to start 

  • New idea for business

Establishing the distributor Network

  • Allocating solid potential clients/distributors

  • Advising manufacturer for initial prices offer and a supply plan for later stages Monitoring first product/s

  • Tests on fields to update manufacturer

  • Meetings with local Distributor

Building a relationship between local distributors and manufacturers

  • Managing the business relation in local markets
  • Avoiding the manufacturer with culture and bureaucratic problems of the local markets
  • Establishing  technological channels for the flow of information 
  • Our main target is establishing a long term business relationship

SEO and Social Media Strategies Integration   


We link companies to the Israeli market through our in-depth market research, the language, the culture, and our broad business expertise, both in Israel and globally. 

Our savvy knowledge of the market will open the window of opportunity for negotiations directly with the CEOs of startup companies.  We offer customized services, based on the objectives of your company.