Marcos Barchilon

Marcos Barchilon

Dany Goldraij
Marcos Barchilon
Leadership skills: Vast experience for 15 years in International Management & Developing markets with deeply expertise in the Electronic Payment Industry, Telecom, Mobile and Finance, in Latin America, Spain, Italy and Portugal 
GM in Italy, Spain and Portugal at Verifone Systems & Lipman
GM (Israel) at Global Exchange. 
Hobbies: Photography , art , football , music.

Dany Goldraij

Qualities of a good leader - Since my early steps, I’ve built trust and confidence among customers, suppliers, integrator, etc with excellent results, it was an excellent way , so I will continue with the same manner.

Together with Marcos we  created MDTECH7  to provide a one stop shop, providing business development services, with more than 20 years of experience into international business.

Hobbies: Sports, photography ,football , music.

Dany Goldraij